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Our History

We all have a dream in our life. Some dream of being doctors, dancers or farmers; others dream of making video games. That is us, who since 2018 set out to build a video game studio and although we weren't clear about where we were going, we wanted to do what we loved the most and be able to live from it. So we started fighting to achieve it.

In a short time we started working, we lacked experience, but what we did have and still have was a great desire to learn, advance and achieve milestones that motivate others. It has been a difficult road, we worked for third parties to be able to finance the team, we didn't have regular access to the internet, we operated in a country where entrepreneurs are seen as a necessary evil and none of that stopped us. We became the leading video game studio in Cuba, we were the first independent studio officially established there, the first independent studio to monetize through micropayments in the country. We were the founders and promoters of the community of video game creators in Cuba, the same team that opened a market of more than 1.4 million users to developers thanks to the creation of an unprecedented monetization platform in the country.

In January 2021 we decided to leave the Cuban market and radically change our strategy after discovering Blockchain and NFT video games. The market told the public that it was not the best time to do it, there was a generalized FUD regarding the issue and they called us crazy, but we didn't care. After studying the problems and potentialities of the ecosystem for 8 months, we published the first version of the Mech Infinity whitepaper. We completed it in 7 days to be able to present it on time to the Axie Infinity Builders Program, an effort that allowed us to be among the first 12 selected from the program among more than 1000 competitors.

Today we are building a bright future with our first Web3 game, a game to which we are putting all our hearts and resources. There is a long road ahead, but every day we give everything and a little more to give the community incredible experiences that will bring them fun for years and mark, as gamers, an important part of their lives.

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